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Kawasaki Versys – WARNING, it may turn you into a grade A PR*CK!

Kawasaki Versys – Careful it doesn’t turn you into an absolute Pr*ck! “The Kawasaki Versys is the ideal bike for those more interested in adventure and less interested in wheelie poppin’.” Kawasaki Versys, a bike I never thought I would write about. The … Continue reading

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GIRLS & MOTORCYCLES – What dreams are made of…..

GIRLS & MOTORCYCLES I know it’s not really “PC” to be so macho-macho about girl’s and motorbikes. My mother “hates the way motorcycle companies use half naked women to advertise their motorbikes” and I’m sure many agree. It’s a ridiculously old fashioned way to … Continue reading

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Honda CBR 600 RR – This Limited Edition Honda is the Sexiest of them all!

The Limited Edition Honda CBR 600 RR is hands down one of the coolest bikes on the road The Honda CBR 600 RR is considered to be one of the greatest road sports bikes ever built. Successfully balancing the (authentic) performance of … Continue reading

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QN IDEAS #1 – Drinking Beer in the Shower, cos it’s Saturday n’ I’m a bloody bloke!

QN Idea #1 – Drink Beer in the Shower It’s Saturday, a magical day when normal rules do not apply. I’ve just been for a run from my flat which is next to La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, down to … Continue reading

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